Prevent accidents by increasing visibility of hazards with our non-adhesive Barricade Tape. Tape is a lightweight, economical, reusable polyethylene, with a continuous repeat of message or warning. Can be tied, stapled or nailed in place. Meets OSHA 1910.144 for marking physical hazards. Comes standard 3" x 1000'. Also available in 200', 300' and 500' lengths. Other widths available by special order. Comes in a variety of mil thicknesses.

CAUTION TAPES (Yellow Background)

Cat No.Legend
BT-1Caution Acid Hazard
BT-2Caution Asbestos
BT-3Caution Asbestos Hazard
BT-4Caution Caustic Hazard
BT-5Caution Caution Caution S
BT-6Caution Chemical Hazard
BT-7Caution Construction AreaS
BT-8Caution Do Not EnterS
BT-9Caution Energized Area
BT-10Caution Entry Requires Protective Gear
BT-11Caution Hard Hat Area
BT-12Caution High VoltageS
BT-13Caution Keep OutS
BT-14Caution Men WorkingS
BT-15Caution Men Working Overhead
BT-16Caution No Parking
BT-17Caution No Smoking
BT-18Caution Off Limits
BT-19Caution Open TrenchS
BT-21Caution Radiation Area (magenta/yellow)
BT-23Caution Wet Floor
BT-24Caution Wet Paint
BT-56Caution Authorized Personnel Only
BT-57Caution Entry Requires Permission
BT-58Caution Restricted Area Keep Out
BT-59Caution Wet Concrete
BT-66Caution Cuidado Caution

DANGER TAPES (Red Background)

Cat No.Legend
BT-44Danger Microbial Hazard Do Enter
BT-45Danger Microbial Hazard (w/cautionary info)*
BT-46Danger AsbestosS
BT-47Danger Asbestos (w/Updated cautionary info)*
BT-48Danger Asbestos Hazard
BT-49Danger Danger DangerS
BT-50Danger Do Not EnterS
BT-51Danger Hazardous Area
BT-52Danger Hazardous Area Keep Out
BT-53Danger Hazardous Material Do Not Enter
BT-54Danger High Voltage Area
BT-55Danger Keep OutS
BT-60Danger Confined Space Do Not Enter
BT-72Danger Peligro Danger

*These Legends Printed with Black and Red Letters on White Tape

MUNICIPAL TAPES (Yellow Background)

Cat No.Legend
BT-26Crime Scene Do Not Cross
BT-27Fire Line Do Not CrossS
BT-28Police Line Do Not CrossS
BT-29Security Line Do Not CrossS
BT-30Sheriff's Line Do Not Cross


Cat No.Legend
BT-31Black and Yellow
BT-32Red and White
BT-33Danger on Red and White Stripes


Cat No.Legend
BT-34Orange (4 mil only)
BT-37Blue (4 mil only)
BT-38Green (4 mil only)


Cat No.LegendColor
BT-61Caution Lead HazardYellow
BT-62Danger Lead HazardRed
BT-63Danger Lead Removal etc.Red
BT-64Warning Lead Work Area etc.Orange
BT-65Caution BiohazardOrange

S = Available in Spanish

Barricade Tape (2 mil) Technical Specifications

Barricade Tape (3 mil) Technical Specifications

Barricade Tape (4 mil) Technical Specifications

Barricade Tape (6 mil) Technical Specifications

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