Your shipments will meet the new DOT Rule HM-181 with our durable vinyl labels.

Potential liability in the handling of hazardous materials has reached crisis proportions. To comply with DOT safety requirements, all air, water, rail and highway packages and containers must be properly labeled for quick and easy recognition. Simply remove label from backing sheet and apply to clean surface. All labels include UN class numbers and meet DOT specification 49CFR172.400 for color, size and durability.

Cat No.LegendClassSize
DT-01Non-Flammable Gas24" x 4"
DT-02Flammable Gas24" x 4"
DT-03Inhalation Hazard24" x 4"
DT-04Flammable Liquid34" x 4"
DT-05Flammable Solid44" x 4"
DT-06Spontaneously Combustible44" x 4"
DT-07Dangerous When Wet44" x 4"
DT-08Oxidizer5.14" x 4"
DT-09Organic Peroxide5.24" x 4"
DT-10Poison64" x 4"
DT-11Stow Away From Food64" x 4"
DT-12Infectious Substance64" x 4"
DT-13Corrosive84" x 4"
DT-14Misc. Hazardous Material94" x 4"
DT-15Cargo Aircraft Only4" x 5"
DT-17Empty6" x 6"
DT-18Explosive (Specify 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3)14" x 4"
DT-19Explosive 1.414" x 4"
DT-20Blasting Agent 1.514" x 4"
DT-21Explosive 1.614" x 4"
DT-22Oxygen24" x 4"

All Labels come in 100 or 500 labels per roll

For 100 quantity, end catalog number with 1. Ex: DT04-1. For 500 quantity, end catalog number with 5. Labels may be grouped for best quantity price. Other legends available by special order, call for information.

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