Detectable Underground Tape

Detectable Underground Tape

Avoid the problem of costly dig-ins to locate buried, non-metallic cables and pipelines with our Detectable Underground Tape. Providing you with double protection, this tape is easily located with an industrial grade non-ferrous metal detector before you dig, while its highly visible colors make it easy to locate after the dig has begun.

Printed with a black legend on standard APWA colors, our Aluminum Foil tape is double laminated for extra protection.

Colors Available: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.

Cat No.LegendColor
DU-01Caution Buried Electric LineBlack / Red
DU-02Caution Buried Gas LineBlack / Yellow
DU-03Caution Buried PipelineBlack / Yellow
DU-04Caution Buried Sewer Line Black / Green
DU-05Caution Buried Telephone LineBlack / Orange
DU-06Caution Buried Water LineBlack / Blue
DU-07Caution Buried Oil LineBlack / Yellow
DU-08Caution Buried CATV LineBlack / Orange
DU-09Caution Buried High Voltage LineBlack / Red
DU-10Caution Buried Fiber Optic LineBlack / Orange
DU-11Caution Buried Reclaimed Water LineBlack / Purple
DU-12Caution Buried Storm Drain LineBlack / Green
DU-13Caution Buried Electric LineBlack / Yellow
DU-14Caution Buried Irrigation LineBlack / Blue
DU-15Caution Buried Potable Water LineBlack / Blue
DU-16Caution Buried Non-Potable Water LineBlack / Blue

All legends available in the following sizes:
2" x 1000'
3" x 1000'
6" x 1000'

To specify roll width, follow catalog number with the appropriate size. Example: DU-01-6 Also available in custom legends - call for a quote.

Detectable Underground Tape Technical Specifications

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