Our NEW Safety Grade, Glow in the Dark tape is a long-lasting photoluminescent, pressure-sensitive tape that helps to delineate a safe escape route when the lights go out. This Safety Grade material absorbs and stores energy from any ambient or UV light source, providing an illumination time of 6+ hours in the event of an emergency. Tape is non-toxic, non-radioactive and UV stable. Excellent For:
SwitchesHandrailsBuilding Exits
Hazardous AreasUneven SurfacesLow Overheads
Emergency EquipmentStairways/DoorwaysFire Extinguishers

SOLID* (Ivory)
Cat No.Size
GL-11" x 10 yds.
GL-22" x 10 yds.
GL-33" x 10 yds.
GL-41" x 50 yds.
GL-52" x 50 yds.
GL-63" x 50 yds.

*Also available with printed legends. Call for pricing and availability.

(Red Letters/Ivory Background)
Cat No.DescriptionSize
GL-S01Ivory Arrow/Red Background2" x 10"
GL-S02Exit8" x 10"
GL-S03Not An Exit8" x 10"
GL-S04Fire Extinguisher8" x 12"
GL-S05Exit w/Left Pointing Arrow10" x 10"
GL-S06Exit w/Right Pointing Arrow10" x 10"

Cat No.Size
GS-11" x 10 yds.
GS-22" x 10 yds.
GS-33" x 10 yds.
GS-41" x 50 yds.
GS-52" x 50 yds.
GS-63" x 50 yds.


Cat No.Size
GLA01 & GLC01 1" x 100/Roll
GLA02 & GLC022" x 100/Roll
GLA03 & GLC033" x 100/Roll
GLA04 & GLC044" x 100/Roll
GLA05 & GLC05 5" x 100/Roll

ARROWS (Black on Ivory)

Cat No.Size
GA-22" x 10 yds.
GA-33" x 10 yds.
GA-52" x 50 yds.
GA-63" x 50 yds.

Glo-Brite Technical Specifications

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