Max Tapener

Easy, Simple Operation! Tie plants with the squeeze of your hand! Only one squeeze of the handle stretches the tape between the jaws ready to wrap around the plant stem and support. A second squeeze staples the tape firmly and cuts it off neatly. Device is then ready to continue tying. We also have parts/supplies for the Max Tapener.

Stock NumberDescription
HT-B2<Max Tapener /TD>
14-604Staples 604E-L (4800 Staples per box)
14-9Blades # 90016 (3 Blades per pack)


NameMax Tapener Model HT-B2(N)/ML
Dimensions159mm H X 29mm W X 385mm L
Staples Used:Max Staples 604C-L (4800pcs)
Max Staples 604E-L (4800 pcs)
Number of Staples LoadedMax Staples 604C-L 200pcs (2 sticks of Staples)
Max Staples 604E-L 172 pcs(1 stick of staples)
Weight585 grams
Bundling LimitMaximum 45mm φ X parallel 20mm φ
BladeMax Tapener Serrated Blades (Part No. TC90016)
Staple's Full-scale Figure (mm)

Parts List

Index NoParts Code No.Description
1HT70008A-Type Handle Unit
2FF41229Stap Pin 1229
★ 3JJ10104E-Type Retaining Ring 2.3
4HT10066Rod Holder
★ 5AA21102Plus Pan Head Machine Scwer 3X4
★ 6TC90017Serrated Blades
★ 7KK51011Leaf Spring 1011
★ 8HT10025Staple Cover
9HT70020Magazine Unit
★ 10HT10027Pusher Unit
★ 11KK51012Leaf Spring 1012
★ 12HT10026Hook
★ 13KK13001Tension Spring 3001
★ 14HT10013Clincher
15HT11202Support Plate
16HT10052A-Type Case
17FF30103Straight Pin 103
18HT11205Push Rod
19HT11206Clutch Plate
20HT70004Tape Catch Unit
21KK33003Torsion Coil Spring 3003
22HT10053B-Type Case
23KK23006Compression Spring 3006
25HT10051Clincher Arm
26FF41221Step Pin1221
27FF41228Straight Pin 1228
28HT10060B-Type Handle Unit
★ 29JJ10103E-Type Retaining Ring 3.2
30FF21220Spring Pin 3X16
31HT70021Protector Unit
★ Parts Interchangeable with Model HT-A

How To Use

How to Load staple

1. Hold the body with left hand, push up the knob (A) of the pusher unit with right hand, and pull it out backwards. (Fig. 1)

2. Pick up the stables (B) with right hand and load them into the magazine unit with the staple legs pointing downward; then set them in the pusher unit. You can load 200 staples of 604C type or 150 staples of 604E. (Fig. 2)


How to Open Tape Holder (C)

1. Put the finger on UP part (D), then open the cover with the thumb pressing the UP part. (Fig. 3)

How to Load

1. Open the Tape Holder (C) cover as mentioned above, and load the tape as shown, and then close the cover until it "snaps". (Fig. 4)

2. Set the tape. Hold lightly the head of the A type handle unit with left thumb, and pull the tape downward with right fingers. The tape will be set in the tape guide. (Fig. 5. 6)

How to pull out Tape

1. Grasp the handle so that the tape catch will catch the tape end. (Fig. 7) After the tape catch has caught the tape end, do not press the handle harder the tape catch will go back to its normal position, resulting in no pressing of the tape.

2. Release the handle as explained above. The tape will then be pulled out. (Fig. 8)

3. It might happen that the tape catch will not catch the tape end when you press the handle. (This is not trouble with the tapener.) If this happens, press the handle harder several more times, and the tape catch will return to its normal position. NOTE:This should be done only when the tape catch does not catch the tape end.

How to Bundle Objects

1. Press the tape against the object until it is positioned inside the tapener. (Fig. 9)

2. Then, press the handle fully with the tape positioned centrally, and the object will be bundled by both the tape and staple; simultaneously, the tpae is cut off. (Fig. 10)

How to Change Blade (E)

1. When the blade becomes worn and not sharp enough to efficiently cut the tape, it should be replaced with a new blade. CAUTION: Use the Max blade (TC90017), for HT-B(N) for proper tape cutting action and your safety.

2. Clip the fore-end of A-Type handle unit (F) and magazine unit (G) with left hand, pull out the old blade with nippers or pincers (H), and insert a new blade. Handle Carefully, so as not damage the edge of the blade. (Fig. 11) NOTE:As the blade is extremely sharp, its handling must be done with care to avoid injury during replacement. When a new blade is needed, it will be available at the shop where you bought the MAX Tapener. You should request the "Blade for Max Tapener (TC90017)".

How to Correct Stuck Staples

1. Dismount Pusher Unit and remove the staples loaded, then remove the stuck staples with a steel wire or a small screw driver (1). (Fig. 12)

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