Our reflective Pavement Marking Tape is a temporary way for redirecting traffic around construction sites and permanently marking driveways and parking lots. Available in economical construction grade and heavy duty wet strength. Available in yellow and white. Please Specify YL - Yellow or WT - White.

Use our Floor Tape Applicator for quick and easy application!

GradeCat. No.Size
ConstructionPT-1-22" x 50 yds.
Heavy DutyPT-3-22" x 50 yds.
ConstructionPT-1-44" x 50 yds.
Heavy DutyPT-3-44" x 50 yds.
ConstructionPT-1-66" x 50 yds.
Heavy DutyPT-3-66" x 50 yds.

Pavement Marking Tape - Heavy Duty Grade Technical Specifications

Pavement Marking Tape - Construction Grade Technical Specifications

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