Highly visible warning signs alert personnel to potential lead hazards. These 14" x 20" paper signs meet the new Federal OSHA 1926-62 ruling for job site safety. Available in both English and Spanish. Specify E for English and S for Spanish. Add as suffix to catalog number.

Cat No.SizeQuantityColor
LHS-114" x 20"100/PkgBlack on Yellow
LHS-214" x 20"100/PkgBlack on Orange

These 3" x 5" Danger/Caution labels quickly alert the public to the presence of lead contaminants. Printed on pressure-sensitive paper for easy application, they come packaged 500 labels per roll.

Cat No.SizeQuantityColor
LHL-13" x 5"500/RollRd/Blk on White
LHL-23" x 5"500/RollBlack on Yellow
LHL-33" x 5"500/RollRd/Blk on White

New California Only Regulations!

The Cal/OSHA standards (Title 8 CCR 1532.1, 5198, 5194) have changed how employers must notify their employees about lead hazards. Lead work area posters and labels for lead-contaminated clothing and equipment must now include specific language about central nervous system and reproductive health effects of lead.

We have NEW lead warning signs and labels available to help your customers comply with the new Cal/OSHA's posting requirements. These signs and labels for lead-contaminated equipment and clothing needs to inform employees, with specific language, about lead's danger to the central nervous system and reproductive health. Employers must comply with the new labeling rules by June 2015 and new signage rules by June 2016. They come in both English and Spanish, and are available to order now. Please specify language when ordering.

Cat No.ProductSize Qty
LHS4EPaper Sign English11" x 17"100/pkg
LHS4EPaper Sign Spanish11" x 17"100/pkg
LHL03-CA/ENGLabel English3" x 5"500/rl
LHL03-CA/SPLabel Spanish3" x 5"500/rl


Cat No.LegendColor
BT-61Caution Lead HazardYellow
BT-62Danger Lead HazardRed
BT-63Danger Lead Removal, etc.Red
BT-64Warning Lead Work Area, etc.Orange

See Barricade Tapes for other stock legends available.

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